2018 Strategic Retreat Materials

Thursday, July 12 - Saturday, July 14
Michigan Room, Cambria Chicago Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL
The annual strategic planning retreat provides opportunity to:
  • Understand key service, financial, and governance metrics
  • Explore and discuss known priority areas, intended to inform future decisions
  • Identify possible opportunities and disruptions that could impact AGRiP
  • Improve familiarity and comfort between Board members, and with staff

Based upon retreat conversations, the Board will identify preliminary 2019 priorities. Priorities will be further developed and approved at the August Board meeting, embedded in the FY2019 budget proposal prepared for Board approval in October, and engaged through ongoing work efforts.

Board members are encouraged to read all retreat materials in advance, and to review historical or reference materials on the portal, for context.


Full agenda

Supporting materials
Services Review and Engagement Report
Review AGRiP’s current state through a progress update toward 2018 strategic goals, current membership, AGRiP services, and member engagement statistics. 
  • Report on 2018 strategic goals
  • Services matrix
  • Stewardship & engagement report
Financial Overview 
Review AGRiP’s current budget structure, financial policies and performance. Review pro forma assumptions and key budget considerations.
  • FY2018 budget with year-to-date performance
  • 2017 – 2020 pro forma updated for FY2018 budget and actual
Overview of Recognition
Review the historical context and current status of AGRiP Recognition.  Understand strategies being pursued by the Membership Practices Committee (MPC), key assumptions, and intended next steps.
  • Advisory Standards for Recognition report
Recognition Accreditation or Certification
Explore questions about whether Recognition should include accreditation or certification. What are pros and cons, and how would such decisions impact the success scenario outlined?

Analyze Association and Pooling Trends

Consider association and pooling trends by weighing likelihood and impact. Discuss lessons learned, vulnerabilities, and action steps.


AGRiP Staffing Succession
Identify and prioritize critical competencies for AGRiP leadership. Discuss leadership needs and how AGRiP should be planning to assure successful ongoing operations. Identify areas of concern or question, and action steps.
  • List of competencies
Governance Self-Evaluation
Review governance self-evaluation survey results. Discuss what’s going well and identify areas of additional focus for 2019.
  • Governance performance report
Resource Reporting & Contract Performance
Review resources allocated to AGRiP (staffing, technology, etc.) and any affiliated business interests held by NEAMI.  Also review and discuss NEAMI contract performance overall, including Exhibits A and B.